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Gaming is evolving. Joining the elite ranks now demands a lot more than just mindlessly hammering away at a keyboard. It means optimizing your body across multiple fronts. It means optimizing your body, diet, and routines, along with the way you learn and sleep. Your brain is your super-weapon but it is important to realize that it can only go as far as your body allows.

We founded Herboloid E-games to cut through all the nonsense and help gamers push their limits in a healthy, efficient and sustainable way. Our love for gaming and expertise in mental performance helped us develop the first health and performance gaming nutritional supplements subscription with extraordinary nutritional benefits that is specifically tailored for gamers’ needs. We combined the world’s most scientifically studied superherbs with proven brain compounds into a Smart Subscription: Brain, Mush.Room, Omega, Smart Eye that can easily become a part of any gamer’s routine.

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Almost 70% of Americans take at least one supplement daily, but many take just a generic multi vitamin that doesn’t focus on a specific goal. These days we are pushing our brains harder than ever, and this can take a toll. Using our Smart Subscription Package our 4 uniquely targeted products work in tandem to deliver a multi-faceted Brain Boost.

Brain Focus uses the Bright Blend formula to deliver increased concentration and memory.

Mega Omega 3 is packed with Powerful Oils that improve the Brain, Heart and Body. Herboloid

Mush.Room harnesses the power of 10 different Mushroom varieties, each with unique, proven centuries-old benefits for different parts of the mind.

Smart Eyes takes the strain, redness and dryness that comes with looking at screens for hours each day. The better eye focus and health directly affects the brain processing power.