New eye health supplement from Herboloid

Approximately 12 million people 40 years and over in the United States have vision impairment, including 1 million who are blind, 3 million who have vision impairment after correction, and 8 million who have vision impairment due to uncorrected refractive error.

Approximately 6.8% of children younger than 18 years in the United States have a diagnosed eye and vision condition. Nearly 3 percent of children younger than 18 years are blind or visually impaired, defined as having trouble seeing even when wearing glasses or contact lenses.

For solving eye problems, Herboloid has released a new product Oclarizin that includes vitamins and minerals found in many multivitamins.

This means you need only two pill per day to ensure you are getting the nutrients your eyes needs.

The new formula is beta-carotene-free and has a high level of Bilberry extract and L-Cysteine; New formula developed with the participation of Professor Mozafari He is a world-renowned expert in the Encapsulation & Controlled Release of Bioactive agents, Nano-Biotechnology, Drug Delivery & Targeting.

Oclarizin is produced on modern equipment, the production is certified by GMP and FDA

Major clinical studies that tested the effects of antioxidants, zinc and other supplements on the eyes recommends that people with moderate to advanced age-related macular degeneration take a supplement with a similar combination of these substances