Genesis Caps - Ears Care
Genesis Caps - Ears Care

Genesis Caps - Ears Care

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  • Promotes hearing health
  • Supports general health & wellness
  • Supports healthy hearing
  • Protects auditory function
  • Delivers three key ingredients

Did you know that hearing issues affect more than 35 million people in the United States? Although many of us associate hearing issues with the elderly, it affects all age groups. In fact, the majority of people with auditory concerns are below retirement age. Exposure to loud noise can be one culprit. Listening to music at high volumes, especially using earbuds or headphones, working with heavy machinery, or even riding the subway daily can lead to hearing issues. Certain professionals including hair stylists, entertainers, construction workers, fire fighters and factory workers are particularly vulnerable.

The good news is there are natural ways to support healthy hearing, such as wearing ear plugs or taking a hear supplement like Genesis Caps. This powerful formula, exclusively from Herboloid, delivers three high quality ingredients: magnesium, folate, and vitamin B-12