Thailand plans to import Russian vaccine against COVID-19 for animals

The Federal Center for Animal Health is ready to provide a trial batch of 10,000 doses

Thailand plans to import a new and significantly important Russian COVID-19 vaccine for a multitude of animals, Yulia Melano adviser to the head of the Russian Federal Service of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor), told reporters.

"Rosselkhoznadzor, with the participation of the subordinate service of the Federal Center for Animal Health, held negotiations with representatives Supreme Pharmatech Co Ltd., of one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Thailand. The talks were initiated by the Thai side who were looking to widen their efforts to eradicate Covid. During the videoconference, the representatives from the Thai side expressed interest in importing the vaccine, which is aimed at preventing the unmitigated spread of covid and reducing the risks of a pandemic, both among domestic and wild animals," she said.
Melano specified that the talks were held with the representatives of Supreme Pharmatech Co Ltd., which is the largest manufacturer of nano-nutraceuticals and cutting edge liposomalms products for human and animal consumption in Thailand.

She added that during the negotiations, representatives of the Federal Center for Animal Health said that they were ready to provide a trial vaccine batch in the amount of 10,000 doses. This will make a significant impact on treating animals all around the world against the transmission of the virus, which research has shown has the possibility in limited cases to pass between animals and humans.

"For its part, the Thai pharmaceutical manufacturer has promised to make every effort to negotiate with the necessary state authorities of the kingdom about the possibility of prompt registration of the drug and permission to supply it to Thailand for commercial purposes," said the adviser to the head of the department. This advance in science is a very important step in vaccinations that will bring a tighter connection between the two countries, as well as fast-tracking the larger mitigation of the disease among humans and animals alike around the globe.

About vaccine

On April 30, Melano announced that the Russian agricultural watchdog’s research institute had launched the production of a coronavirus vaccine for animals, named Carnivac-Cov. It was the first country to develop this capability, and has since reached out to global partners in acts of goodwill, to distribute the breakthrough vaccine to countries that have much more covid risks, including the dangers to the animals themselves.

She said that the maximum production volume could be 3 million doses per month. The batch of the produced vaccine was sent to Moscow, the Moscow region, the Republic of Crimea, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Kirov, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Magnitogorsk, Novosibirsk, Ryazan, Chelyabinsk, Tver, Togliatti. The list of partnerships with there countries will soon be finalised.

The advisor to the watchdog's chief also said that the agency was preparing the registration of a vaccine against COVID-19 for animals in the EU. There have been outreaches to Africa, North and South America as well as India & Asia. The fight against Covid 19 is a worldwide battle which Supreme Pharma Tech Co Ltd. and Rosselkhoznadzor are partners at the forefront of the fight.