Herboloid plans to open a representative partner office in Spain to increae our global reach and prodcution capacities

For a long time, Herboloid has seen a very big increase in demand for anti-aging products and supplements for dogs. The growth in demand for these products is especially noticeable in Europe and the UK. We have some of the highest quality products in the United States and Asia currently, with formulations with more ingredients and higher quality control than the competition.

For this reason we want to enter the European market. After studying the market situation, and in order to meet the increased demand for the highest quality supplements, Herboloid made a strategic decision to open a representative office in Spain. The Spanish partnership will begin work in the near future.

The opening of a representative office in Spain will meet the needs of the entire European region with high-quality modern products and boasting minimum delivery time.

Products for Europe will be produced both in Europe and imported from the USA, Asia and Thailand.

Herboloid's top priority is your health and safety. Therefore, all of our current 80+ products for Dogs, Cats and Humans dietary supplements under the Herboloid brand have undergone rigorous safety tests, 3rd party testing and have successfully passed all government regulations in their respective countries.